How to Choose a Maternity Bra Size

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is going through major changes, and some of your favorite clothes that once made you attractive and comfortable now look and feel completely different. Being pregnant means your skin gets more sensitive and easily irritated, so your body needs additional freedom and less strain and irritation. Your growing breasts become particularly stiff and become painful, and the skin gets itchy. Even the smallest details can be annoying such as lace, embroidery, or synthetic materials. Good news is that it’s easy to find comfortable maternity clothes and bras on the market today. They’re made for both pregnant women and for the breastfeeding ladies. Your number one priority should be comfort, which will give your breasts the support and comfort they deserve during this period.

How to determine the bra size?

Since each woman is different, so are their breasts during pregnancy. Some women barely notice the difference, or get to feel some changes only in the first trimester or just before the end of pregnancy. In other pregnant women, breasts can increase up to five numbers during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal changes, breasts often become larger and more sensitive, so it’s essential to choose the right bra size.

The size of a bra is determined by two measures: the volume of the back (measuring the chest circumference) and the volume of the breasts (the size of your breasts). The circumference of the back is obtained by measuring the chest circumference. You simply put on a soft bra (without cups) and wrap a tailor meter around the back and under the chest. The resulting measure indicates the bra size. The size of your chest is measured in a similar way. Wrap the meter over your breasts, preferably over the nipples, and don’t tighten the measuring tape too much. If the value is halfway between two numbers, round to a larger number. Next, take away the first size (volume of the back) and the other (volume of the chest) and you will get the size of the cup.

How to choose the right one?

You must forget about your regular bras, the ones with spaghetti straps, plastic buckle clips and the ones made of synthetic. During pregnancy, your breasts need support in the form of a tightly shaped and secure bras that will keep your breasts in the correct position, provide support and ensure a proper position of the spine. Forget about your sultry undergarments, because I’m sure these can wait.

When shopping for your maternity bra, pay attention to the basic characteristics of a quality bra. It has to be made of natural materials like cotton with a little elastin that keeps a bra firm. These materials are perfect for sensitive pregnant skin, and during breastfeeding. You should also pay attention to the design of your maternity bra, especially on the strap width. Lately, the designers of maternity bras are paying special attention to the aesthetic design, so you can find a nice selection of stylish and sexy bras on the market. It’s recommended to have a bra with wider straps, which will provide you with the support you need and that won’t stretch quickly.  Moreover, filled bra cups and push-up bras aren’t the best choice for sensitive breasts. Wire bras can also be very uncomfortable, especially in the last trimester. Breastfeeding bras are meant to be comfortable, which means no wires, or unpleasant materials.

Once you have found a suitable bra for your joyful maternity journey, you better buy a few pieces. The one you’ll be wearing while the other is in the laundry basket, and the third one as a backup plan in your drawer.