Kingʼs creativity is at a point where process meets end result. It's the journey and not the destination. No limitations. 

During the Ferguson protests in 2014, King Britt produced an impromptu performance for Black Lives Matter, organized by Cheeraz Gorman in St Louis. The performance consisted of an improvised electronic score to footage from past protests around the incident.

As police violence against African-Americans has remained in the public eye internationally, King revisited the presentation last year for Afrofuturism Now! at WORM in Rotterdam, curated by Rasheedah Phillips of Afrofuturist Affair. Utilizing found sounds, dispatch recordings from police communication, and original sound design, MATATU is pleased to present King Britt, in the third improvisational performance of To Unprotect and Subserve.

It may be intense, sad, loving – all the emotions present within our beings. Witnessing in this curated environment without visuals, will no doubt enhance the gravity of the matter; a glimpse into the moments of dreadful experiences.

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saturday, OCTOBER 15 @ 10:45PM

Plays in concert with Black code / code noir

Archaeologically, the film argues that behind this present situation is a sedimented history of slavery, preserved by the Black Code laws of the colonies in the Americas. These codes have transformed into the algorithms that configure police Big Data and the necropolitical control of African Americans today. Yet how can we read this in the present? How can we unwrite the sorcery of this code as a hack? Through a historical détournement the film suggests the animist origins of the Haitian Revolution as the first instance of a hacking of the Black Code and thus as a past symbol for a future hope.


What King Britt has done in the past could be considered very important. His musical curiosity has paved the way for the artist he is now. From composing house tunes for the legendary Strictly Rhythm and Nervous Records, djing for Sector 6 Grammy Award winning comrades Digable Planets, starting the legendary Ovum Recordings with techno wunderkind, Josh Wink, being tapped to underscore Michael Mannʼs Miami Vice and various commercials, to curating a full day at MoMA PS1 in New York, the list goes on and on. 

Presently, King is exploring many afro-sonic musical possibilities with his Hyperdub released, Fhloston Paradigm project, The Phoenix. His aural experiments with friends appear on his imprint, The Buddy System Project and Drip subscription exclusives. His recent curatorial pursuits have placed him in many academic environments (he is a Pew Fellowship winner), bridging the worlds of club, experimental and black music. 

This way of thinking has resonated with like minded individuals globally, creating a powerful following and well respected fan base. 

Come join the ride.